Does Hoodia Gordonii Have Side Effects?

Benefits of using Hoodia Gordonii are by far more prominent than what it used to be in the past. Hoodia pills have been enriched to have some particular effects in the area of weight-loss. Compared to health foods available right now in the market, Hoodia has more health benefits and hence widely accepted.

Remember that while using the Hoodia Pills method, you are not going on a diet; Hoodia simply decreases your appetite. You don't feel hungry and it keeps you healthy and energetic at the same time. A pure Gordonii has no stimulants and harmful side effects.

So far no adverse effects of Hoodia Gordonii have been reported; in fact it has been in the African food chain for many years. Some of the world’s oldest and most prehistoric tribes in Africa had been eating raw Hoodia for thousands of years to compensate their hunger during their long hunting trips. Even local tribes, whose ancestors have been using the plant for thousands of years, confirm that there are no negative side effects with Hoodia Gordonii.

Hence it has been established as a food and not a medicine in South Africa. The only side effect that Hoodia Gordonii has will cause your brain to believe that you are ‘full’ even without the sufficient amount of food ingested. This could be a problem if you need the energy and power to do some arduous activities.

The great concern associated with Hoodia is if it is ill treated by individuals with eating disorders for want of rapid weight lose depriving the body of the necessary nutrients. A suggested warning that comes with Hoodia Gordonii product as a dietary supplement would be – ‘Not to be used in childhood, pregnancy, or lactating mothers - not to be used by individuals with eating disorder - or those who are underweight or within a normal weight range’.


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